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panacea, is in some subtle and treacherous way
likely to fail them if it is put to the test. The
internal fight against this intolerable shadow
betrays itself in their outer behaviour. Their
letters and pamphlets, with scarcely an exception,
have this much in common with the letters one
gets from lunatics, that there is a continual
resort to capital letters and abusive terms.
They shout out at the slightest provocation or
none. They are not so much shouting at the
exasperating reader who remains so obstinate
when they have been so clear, so clear? as at the
sceptical whisper within.
Because there is no perfect money system by
itself and there never can be. It is a dream
like the elixir vitae or perpetual motion. It is
in the same order of thought.
Attention has already been drawn, in our
examination of Mr Streit's proposals for Umm
Now, to the fact that money varies in its nature
and operations with the theory of property and
distribution on which society is based, tfaat in a
complete collectivism for example it becomes
little more than the check handed to the worker
to enable him to purchase whatever he likes from
the resources of the community. Every detach-*
ment of production or enterprise from collective
control (national or cosmopolitan) increases tiie